Salesforce Data Governance Issues Are Now a Thing of the Past

Novel solutions for the new-age business

Business Process Automation

Experience the comfort of automation by systematically replacing manual processes with seamless rules-driven automation. Streamline your processes with our, defined workflows, ready-to-use tools and point-and-click technologies.

Application Development and Hosting

Give your customers a robust experience with our holistic Application Development and Hosting Services. Our Point & Click Databases, Flows and Schedulers ensure a hustle-free and hassle-free development and our web applications give you a plethora of options to make your app truly unique.

Data Archiving

When not handled properly, data can be your biggest chaos catalyst. With our SFDC and SFMC Archiving services, you can streamline your data management, minimize storage costs, increase efficiency and ensure safety while we simplify your regulatory compliance and legislative requirements.

Template Management and Document Generation

Innovate the way you deal with documents and templates with Workbox’s seamless automated processes. Our CMS and Process Flow Capability help us deliver a target state document (PDF, Image, etc) by processing the provided Payload in all the appropriate Languages.

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