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    Would you like to create, maintain and use databases without hassles?Do you wish to use natively-provided microservices in your application?Are you looking for a platform that is compatible with any database?Do you need high levels of database flexibility and scalability?

    Sway boards can be a private place to think, or a shared workspace
    for collaboration — you're in total control of who sees what.
    A wide range of microservice-based functionalities
    Databases and APIs can be used with minimal effort
    Ability to set a meaningful business context for data
    Easy to access, navigate and extract data
    Absolute security to the information in your database
    Validation of data entered into each data field

    With Workbox, you can


    Store your Salesforce data in an affordable manner


    Harness the full potential of Heroku with ease


    Utilize Database as a Service (DBaaS) products effortlessly

    Leveraging microservices for innovative database solutions

    Our solutions enable you to make the best use of data with minimal effort. They cater to your growing data needs and help enhance data management efficiencies; the solutions extend the capabilities of traditional databases delivering the best value on your data investment.
    At Workbox, we harness the power of microservices to provide innovative, user-friendly solutions for web and mobile application developers; the solutions can be fully customized to meet your requirements and help deliver unmatched performance.

    Novel solutions for the new-age business


    Make your Salesforce data governance a seamless affair

    Salesforce data governance has never been so easy before. ArchiveIt enables you to build up a robust, automated data management model that provides timely, accurate and consistent Salesforce data to meet your business needs, at the least cost.

    Workbox for Salesforce

    Extend Salesforce's capabilities to meet specific needs

    Use microservices to perform a wide range of operations on (SFDC). For example, you can attach a file to a parent record or get results for a given SOQL query with little effort.


    Enjoy the benefits of clean data using the Google Sheets add-on

    Get data of the highest quality using Workbox’s Google Sheets add-on. Set up rules to populate the rows and columns with clean data and leverage the presentation prowess of Google Sheets to showcase information effectively and drive home your point.


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