Why Workbox?

Unleash the power of data with just a few clicks


What makes Workbox unique?

A wide range of microservice-based functionalities

Workbox provides a variety of innovative microservice-driven functionalities. For example, you can get a PDF from a selection of data within your database or convert currency when importing data.

Databases and APIs can be used with minimal effort

Leverage point-and-click features of Workbox or use your programming skills to create and use databases and APIs very effectively to meet your unique needs.

Ability to set a meaningful business context for data

Make data comprehendible by renaming default field types such as INTEGER AND VARCHAR with easily-understood words such as telephone number and email address.

Easy to access, navigate and extract data

You can use Workbox’s point and click feature to create filters and leverage modern, less complex, standard technologies such as REST-JSON, XML and OData to access the data.

Absolute security to the information in your database

Ensure perfect protection from malevolent activities such as SQL injection. Prevent your data from falling into wrong hands using OAuth and multi-factor authentication.

Validation of data entered into each data field

Unlike databases, which validate only the types of data entered in a field, Workbox validates the data itself. If a piece of data is going into an e-mail field, the data needs to be a valid e-mail address.

With Workbox, you can

Key benefits of Workbox

Highly flexible and affordable subscription-based database business model
Triggers for callouts and cascading events to automate data processes
The ability to optimize your database through automated data indexing
No SQL or other coding and technical skills are needed to use Workbox
A facility to scale up your database automatically to meet growing needs
Google Sheets add-on enables you to have complete control over your data

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